Four Tips On How To Wear A Polo Shirt In 2022 – By Potro


Although the POLO shirt originated in India in the nineteenth century, it wasn’t until the early part of the 20th century that the POLO shirt became a key part of men’s fashion trends.

The good news is that today, Polo shirts have fit seamlessly into both business and casual settings–operating in some offices as a form of business-casual menswear. In fact, POLO shirts are styled are worn with suits and sports jackets. 

In 2022, the POLO shirt has developed into a hybrid of menswear. An abundant number of POLO shirts are now produced with technical advancements in both the fabric and construction of the garment. Even though these hybrid polos were designed for sports such as golf and tennis, consumers are now looking for the same qualities in their day-to-day Polos. 

Traditionally, Polo shirts are typically made from cotton blends. A true POLO has short sleeves, a placket neckline, and two to three buttons. * The button should always remain closed in proper settings. 

Nevertheless, today, menswear is transitioning to modern-day style needs and requirements. Polos are now being made with 4 buttons, new fabrics, high-octane colors, and much more. These casual tops are a wardrobe staple and a standard part of the new frontier in menswear. 

Welcome to the Era of the Modern POLO shirt: 

4 Tips Of Wearing POLO Shirts. 

  1. FIT:  Polos make you look best when fitted correctly – not too baggy – not too tight. If you’re looking to flex your bicep or ripped stomach – then I suggest opting for the slim fit to achieve the best results. 
  2. It is best to explore new materials and various knits. Although cotton is the fabric of choice, Polos are made in pique knits, which tend to be a little more rugged as well as jersey knits, which lend more breathability and stretch. 
  3. Polos can be worn to the office with a sports jacket – however, you must only wear the softer fabrics – to wear them this way.

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